e-JOE Epik SE Review

Posted by Gary Hohl on 6/1/2017 to Electric Bikes

e-JOE Epik SE Review

In this review we are going to start with the differences between the 2015 and 2016 e-JOE Epik SE electric bike. The 2016 version has two important differences and improvements compared to the 2015 model.

1) The chain ring of the newer model has been made quite bigger. On the previous model people often found themselves out pedaling the motor of the bike with it never being able to catch up. With a bigger chain ring the whole bike is able to go faster and the rider can add some of their own power to the motor.

2) The size of the battery has also increased with on the 2016 model. It went from 9 amp hours on the 2015 to 12 amp hours on the 2016, which is roughly a 25% increase. This size of battery is comparable to other large batteries found on other e-bikes.

Other feathers of the e-JOE Epik SE:

1) On the right side of the handlebar there is the controller. On this panel there is the on/off switch, pedal assist control, power level indicator and throttle control.

2) The brakes are disc brakes. A special safety feature of these brakes is that once you apply them the motor automatically cuts off. The bike has front shocks with quick release for the front tire.

3) The headlight runs off an independent battery separate from the main one located in the frame.

4 )Having the battery built into the frame is beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it put it out of sight it also helps evenly distribute the weight of it evenly throughout the whole bike. Other e-bikes often have both the battery and motor in the rear which makes the bike very tail heavy.

5) One of the most convenient features of this bike is that it is foldable. When folded the Epik SE is very easy to transport and store. This is ideal for someone who rides public transportation such as Bart or CalTrain. When folded the Epik SE fits easily into any car without the need for a bike rack. There are two magnets, one in the front and one in the back, which come together when the bike is folded prevents the bike from unfolding on its own when it is being carried or stored.

6) This particular bike has a 7 speed cassette with a Shimano derailleur.

7) It also comes with a basket in the rear which is large enough to hold cargo bags.

8) The bike has 20” wheels which provide for a tremendous amount of torque. These small wheels make the bike very efficient when climbing hills and is comparable to full sized bikes with larger batteries.

In review the 2016 e-JOE Epik SE is one of the best low cost folding bikes on the market at $1,600. 



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