Preparing Your Snow Gear for Summer Storage

Posted by Gary Hohl on 5/8/2021 to How To Articles and Videos
Now is the time to prepare your skis and boots for the summer so they stay in good condition and are ready to go next winter.  Here are a few tips:

1) Clean Your Skis/Snowboard.  The edges on your skis/snowboard will inevitably have naturally occurring salts on them. If you transport your skis on a roof rack or the bed of a truck, to and from the slopes, they will definitely have salt on them.  This salt will rust your edges. So, thoroughly rinse your skis with fresh water, and dry them before they are stored for the summer

2) Wax or Tune Your Sis.  Waxing your skis will protect the bases from oxidizing. Better yet, if your skis or snowboard need tuning, have it done at the end of the season. Not the beginning of next season.  That way your edges and bases are protected, plus your skis are ready to go in the fall.  At your request, we can do what's called a storage wax. We leave on a thick coat of wax, giving the bases extra protection. In the fall, come back in and we'll scrape off the excess wax.

3) Dry Your Boots.  Don't just put your boots in your boot bag and leave them there!  Make sure they have the opportunity to dry out. You can use a boot dryer, a hot boot bag or place them in well ventilated warm area. A lite spray with an anti-microbial (Lysol) can  help extend the life of the liner.

4) Set the Boot Tongue and Buckle the Boots. Push the tongue down into the boot then pull it up to it's natural position. This ensures that the tongue is not getting creased, which can cause discomfort.  Then lightly buckle the boot. This keeps the boot in the proper position.

I hope you found these tips helpful.

If you have other more tips, please write them in the comment section below.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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