Winter Rentals

The Helm Rental Advantage!
Not only does Helm have lower rental prices than the competition, but we also have better equipment.

1) Variety of Boot Models-- Every skier knows that boots are THE most important piece of ski equipment. At Helm in San Mateo, we offer a variety of boot models to choose from, allowing you to get a great fit!  (You're not just stuck with one model like most rental places.) Plus most of our ski boots are better "retail" boots, rather than the basic "rental" models found at most rental places.

2) Tuned and Tested-- All of our skis and boards are tuned every year.  Edges sharpened, bases reconditioned and waxed.  Plus every summer all of our ski bindings are tested for proper function and calibration.

3) Our Team Members-- Our experienced rental team members have gone through hours of training and testing to make sure your boots fit right and your equipment is adjusted correctly.

 2020-21 Winter Rental Rates
                                                                                   add'l   Season
                                           1 day  2-4 days 4-9 days   days    Lease 
Basic Ski pkg.                   $41      $65          $105       $30     $200
incl. skis, boots, poles 
Perf. Ski AND SB pkg.     $66      $90            $150      $30    $300

Demo Ski Pkg.                $85       $120          $205     $41      N/A

Kids Ski Pkg.                   $35       $65             $85      $15    $175

Snowboard Pkg.              $41       $65            $105      $30    $175

Kids Snowboard Pkg.      $35       $45              $85      $15    $175

Back Country X-C Pkg.(metal edges, stiffer boots)
                                       $34        $45      $63        $17

Alpine Touring, aka A/T Pkg. (incl. A/T skis with Dynafit bindings, boots, adjustable poles, and skins.)
                                       $84        $105    $165      $30      $425