Volton Alation 500 (Mid Drive, Rear Drive and Step Through models)

Volton Alation 500 (Mid Drive, Rear Drive and Step Through models)

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Volton Alation 500 (Mid Drive, Rear Drive and Step Through)

6160 aluminum alloy is used exclusively on Volton Bicycles. A tough, durable, light alloy, 6160 aluminum alloy delivers fantastic, reliable performance that lasts for thousands of miles. It is, by far, the ultimate aluminum tubing on the market today.

Hydro-formed Frame Tubing
Hydro-forming is a method of shaping metals into lightweight, structurally stiff and strong components. The automotive industry is one of the largest applicators of hydro-forming, which makes use of the complex shapes possible by hydro-forming to produce stronger, lighter, and more rigid uni-body structures for vehicles. The hydro-forming manufacturing technique is frequently employed in the shaping of aluminum tubes for performance bicycle frames.

Keeping the Weight LOW and Centered
Mounting the battery and controller in the downtube results in some real advantages. First, it keeps the weight low. As opposed to over the back tire, placing the weight toward the back and top of the bike. Low and centered, center of gravity makes the bike feel balanced and nimble.  Second, having the battery in the frame makes it less vulnerable to damage and theft.   

Hybrid Drive System
All Volton Bicycles come equipped with our easy to use throttle to dial in the power output of the motor. Use it while you pedal, or don t pedal at all, the instant response of turning the throttle lets you control the speed.

Pedal Assist System
The standard selectable 3-speed or 5-speed system detects your pedal cadence and adds motor power up to your desired level of assist. There is no need to control a throttle, all electronics function at the push of a button. Riders can simply pedal, concentrate and enjoy the ride while sensing the motor performance.

48volt 11Ah, using quality Samsung cells


The Alation 500 ST comes with fenders and lights.


E-Joe Koda
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