Ski and Board Service


Ski and Snowboard Tuning                                                                                                                  
Basic Tune - $45
Includes a base grind,stone grind,ceramic edge sharpen/polish and buff wax.
Premium Tune - $60
Includes everything in the Basic Tune but includes a hand iron wax instead of a buff wax.
Iron Hot Wax - $20
An " wax" applies the wax with an iron which heats the base of the ski opening the pores
allowing the wax to penetrate the base.  An iron hot wax lasts more than 2 times longer than a buff wax.
Machine Buff Wax - $5
Ceramic Edge Sharpen - $20
This service is done with a 45K dollar Wintersteiger Trimjet edging machine.  This machine hones edges
to a very fine polish with no burrs and is capable of creating extremely accurate edge angles.
Side-edge angles from 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 degrees and base angles from .5, .75, 1, 1.5 and 2 degrees.
Note:if the bases of your skis are high, then we can only do the side-edges effectively.
Base Grind - $20

Ski Binding Services                                                                                                             
Mount and ASTM Release Test with Purchase - $30
Mount and ASTM Release Test without Purchase - $50
A/T and Tele binding Mount (with or without purchase) - $65
We have metal jigs to mount just about every type of A/T and Tele binding.
G3-Ion and Targa.  Marker- Kingpin, Duke, Barron, Tour 12 and 10. Fritchi- Diamar Vipec and Freeride. 
Dynafit- ST, FT and TLT Radical. Black Diamond 01,02 and 03.  Salomon- Guardian MCN and MTN.
Ski Binding Remount surcharge - $15
A "remount" is defined as: 1) Having to drill new holes in the existing ski to re-position the binding 
because the boot is beyond the range of the bindings adjustment range. 2) Removing the 
binding from one pair of skis and transferring them to a new pair.  Remount includes an ASTM release test.
Binding Adjustment and ASTM Release Test - $20

Snowboard Bindings                                                                                                         
Mount with Purchase - $10
Mount without purchase - $25

Custom Ski Boot Work                                                                                                                                  
Single Position Boot Stretch (per spot) - $25
This is defined as a single positioning of the stretching tool.
Multi Position Boot Stretch - $40
Stretching over a wider area requires multiple positioning of the stretching tool.
Misc. Boot Work - $90/hr
Liner Length Stretch - $15
Shell and Liner Heat molding - $60
Liner Heat Molding - $50
Fischer Vacuum Molding - $120
BD Custom Foam Injected Liners - $350
ZipFit Liners - $430
Superfeet Custom Footbeds - $100

Standard turnaround time is 4 to 7 days.  
Same day requests are subject to a $15 rush fee.
Next day service is subject to a $10 rush fee.