Ski and Board Service


Ski and Snowboard Tuning                                                                                                                  
Basic Tune - $55
Includes a base grind,stone grind,ceramic edge sharpen/polish and buff wax.
Premium Tune - $70
Includes everything in the Basic Tune but includes a hand wax instead of a buff wax.
P-Tex -$10 and up
P-tex fills in the large gouges in your ski base with a plastic material that are not removed during base grinding.
Infra Red Hot Wax - $25
An "infra red hot wax" applies the wax with infra red heat which heats the base of the ski opening the pores
allowing the wax to penetrate the base.  An infra red wax lasts more than 5 times longer than a buff wax.
Machine Buff Wax - $5
Ceramic Edge Sharpen - $20
This service is done with a 45K dollar Wintersteiger Trimjet edging machine.  This machine hones edges
to a very fine polish with no burrs and is capable of creating extremely accurate edge angles.
Side-edge angles from 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 degrees and base angles from .5, .75, 1, 1.5 and 2 degrees.
Note: If the bases of your skis are high, then we can only do the side-edges effectively.(Which is corrected with a base grind.)
Base Grind - $20

Ski Binding Services                                                                                                             
Mount and ASTM Release Test with Purchase - $60
Mount and ASTM Release Test without Purchase - $60
A/T and Tele binding Mount (with or without purchase) - $80
We have metal jigs to mount just about every type of A/T and Tele binding.
G3-Ion and Targa.  Marker- Kingpin, Duke, Barron, Tour 12 and 10. Fritchi- Diamar Vipec and Freeride. 
Dynafit- ST, FT and TLT Radical. Black Diamond 01,02 and 03.  Salomon- Guardian MCN and MTN.
Ski Binding Remount surcharge - $20
A "remount" is defined as: 1) Having to drill new holes in the existing ski to re-position the binding 
because the boot is beyond the range of the bindings adjustment range. 2) Removing the 
binding from one pair of skis and transferring them to a new pair.  Remount includes an ASTM release test.
Binding Adjustment and ASTM Release Test - $25

Snowboard Bindings                                                                                                         
Mount with Purchase - $10
Mount without purchase - $25

Custom Ski Boot Work                                                                                                                                  
Single Position Boot Stretch (per spot) - $30
This is defined as a single positioning of the stretching tool.
Multi Position Boot Stretch - $40
Stretching over a wider area requires multiple positioning of the stretching tool.
Misc. Boot Work - $90/hr
Liner Length Stretch - $20
Shell and Liner Heat molding - $60
Liner Heat Molding - $50
Fischer Vacuum Molding - $120
BD Custom Foam Injected Liners - $350
ZipFit Liners - $465
Custom Footbeds - $180

Standard turnaround time is 4 to 7 days.  
Same day requests are subject to a $15 rush fee.
Next day service is subject to a $10 rush fee.