Salomon XMax 120 Ski Boot Review

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This video reviews the 
Salomon XMax 120 Ski Boot

The Salomon Xmax 120 ski boot is Salomon's high perfomance all around alpine boot for slightly narrower feet.  Let's go over some of the features of this boot:

FLEX: This boot has a 120 flex.  120 flex is designed for progressing intermediate skiers through many  expert level skiers. Big guys may want a 130 flex. 

FIT:  The fit on the XMax 120 is what really sets this boot apart from other ski boots and makes it one of my top choices above all the other competition.     
First of all, it has phenomenal heel hold down.  Far better then most ski boots that claim to have good heel hold.  Heel hold is the most important place for the boot to grab your foot.  When your heel is held firmly, you don't feel the need to over buckle the boot...and with the buckles only lightly closed you have better blood circulation, less chance of crapping, warmer, more comfortable feet.  Salomon lists the XMax 120 as a 98 mm last.  So what does that actually mean.  The "last" refers to the overall width of the shell.  A 98mm (that's millimeter) is designed for a narrower a B to a C with foot. That being said, I beleive the 98mm last on all of the Salomon XMax boots are a generous  98mm, and are more like most companies 99 or 100mm lasts.

CUSTOM SHELL: What is Custom Shell?  When heated Custom Shell has the ability to shape the shell to the wearers foot. It customizes itself.  We place the shell in a specially designed oven and heat the shell to 200 degrees...Put the boot on to the foot and the shell moves and conforms to any place where there is pressure...wider feet and bony prominences. BUT, and this is a big but...Custom shell does not have the ability to conform to any width foot.  It can conform to small increases in width... a D width at most.  Beyond that it can be stretched with traditional methods.
THERMOFORMABLE LINER: The liner in the XMax 120 is heat (thermo) formable, meaning we heat the liner, then put on the skiers foot and the foam in the  liner conforms exactly to the foot.  The XMax 120 uses Salomon's best liner, the "My Custom Fit 3D Race" liner.  This liner is made up of 80% thermoformable foam resulting a better job of custom fitting to the foot. The liner on the XMax 120 benefits from firm foams. This results in a fit which holds the foot firmly with less pack-out over time.  Too many boots nowadays use soft cushy foam in the liner trying to fool the skier in to thinking that it's a great fit, but as soon as the boot is skied,   that soft foam allows the foot to move all-over inside the boot... and then what does a skier do to the boot when their foot is moving inside the boot?  They over tighten the buckles and crush the foot!  

FIT NOTES: All Xmax boots run big, so don't be surprised if you end up in one full size down from your measured size.

So, in conclusion the Salomon Xmax 120 is my top choice for good skiers with average to narrow feet.

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Todd Lewis
Date: 1/31/2018
Hi Gary, Great review on the Solomon X-Max 120. Question: if I have a narrow last and these boots fit pretty good (are not overly tight) right out of the box, would it still make sense to heat mold the shells? I am concerned that heating them would loosen the fit too much. Any thoughts? Thanks, Todd

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