Salomon QST Pro 130 Ski Boot Review

Posted by Gary Hohl on 6/22/2017 to Ski Product Reviews

Salomon QST Pro 130 Ski Boot Review


The QST Pro 130 is the highest performance boot in the QST line by Salomon. This boot has some unique features that set it apart from competitors in the same category.


Key Features of the QST Pro

  1. The QST Pro 130 is 25% lighter than other boots in the same category weighing only 7.2 pounds. While this does not seem like much of difference once you hold the boot yourself it becomes obvious as to why this matters. This is a perfect boot for someone looking for a lightweight boot that is easy to walk in.


  1. The boot comes with custom foam liners which can be warmed in our boot “oven” and placed back onto your foot. As the liners cool they will conform themselves to your foot for a perfect fit.


  1. The boot utilizes the custom shell technology by Salomon to ensure a perfect fit to your foot. To achieve this custom fit the shell is placed into an oven and the plastic heats up. Once it is heated you put the boot on and the shell itself will mold to the shape of your foot.


  1. This boot also comes with a walking mode. When this mode is engaged the upper portion of the boot gains a wide range of motion. This makes the boots very comfortable to walk in. This feature is perfect for walking in the parking lot to walking up a steep mountain face.


Overall the QST Pro 130 is a great option for those looking a lightweight boot that still performs well during aggressive fast paced skiing.

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