Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis 2019

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2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD 

I don't want to be to biased, but I feel I have to tell you the truth.  The Rossignol Soul 7 are the best skis I've skied on in a long time!  They do everything really, really well...tight turns, long turns, moguls, crud, powder, steeps...everything.  You may be saying,"Well it can't do everything the best!" and you'd be right. There are skis out there that may be better at long turns, but they probably don't do short turns that well.  There are skis that do short turns really well, but I beat they don't do long turns.  I'm sure there are skis that are better in powder but most likely suck in tight moguls. The point is that the Rossignol Soul 7 has created a balance between usually opposing attributes to create one of the best "all mountain" skis on the market today.  And if you are looking for an "all mountain" ski that does all of the mountain, groomers, crud, powder and moguls and does all of them well then the Rossignol Soul 7 is the ski for you!

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