Oceanus REEL Reinforced Kite Leash

Oceanus REEL Reinforced Kite Leash

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The Oceanus REEL Re-Enforced is our most durable, reliable, longest lasting unit to date.  We highly recommend this Heavy Duty model to all kiters!  This is the model we suggest be used anywhere board loss is a factor such as the open ocean, or rivers with strong current. Also comes with Rope extensions approximately 30 inches long 1/4 inch diameter rope doubled over, stitched, glued, and rubberized.

The Oceanus leash system, unlike stretch cords designed for surfing, offers a number of benefits:

1. Far less stretch, drastically reducing the risk of forceful board impacts.

2. THE REEL functions out of the water, eliminating leash drag effecting how the board moves through the water, hang-ups, and trolling for trouble.

3. THE REEL does not have the tendency to wrap around the kiter, the control bar, or the board when flying.

4. THE REEL will gently pull most boards back to the rider after a fall, allowing them to focus on controlling the Kite.

5. Oceanus also offers a number of very affordable replacement/accessory parts for THE REEL, all available for purchase separately.



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