Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Binding

Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Binding

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Marker Griffon - Ski Bindings

The Marker Griffon is one the, if not the, most popular ski bindings in the world. 
Let's explore the reasons way:

1) The 3-13 DIN range works well for almost all skiers.

2) The Griffon was one of the first bindings completely designed from the ground-up to address the needs of skiing on wider skis... What the heck is the difference between skiing on skinny skis vs. wide skis when it comes to the binding?  I'm glad you asked. Bare with me now and try recall some your high school physics.  Basically it boils done to leverage.  The wider a ski is, the harder it is to roll on to an edge, because the wider ski has more leverage, laterally.  Therefore it takes added force to roll the ski on to the same edge angle as compared to a skinny ski. This added force results in more stress with-in the binding and thus more potential for the binding to deform and allow the boot to roll with-in the binding.  The end result is, the boot rolls up on edge but the ski does not. This results in a lose of edge hold.  The Griffon is designed to minimize this slop (aka lateral roll) between the boot and the ski, giving you better edge hold and control.

3) With this complete redesign and a totally NEW look in bindings. it grabbed skiers attention early on and that popularity has grown like a snowball rolling down a hill. It just gets bigger and bigger.

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