How to P-Tex a Ski or Snowboard

Posted by Gary Hohl on 6/15/2017 to How To Articles and Videos

Damage to the base of your skis or snowboard is inevitable when riding down the mountain. Luckily these scrapes in the base are easy to repair with P-Tex. The process is fairly simple and does not take long to master.

1. First clean off the base of your ski or snowboard. Typically this is a citrus type of base cleaner which you can purchase here at Helm of Sun Valley. Make sure all residual dirt and wax is gone and the ski is dry before you start.

2. Begin lighting the stick of P-Tex with a lighter until a small flame remains burning at the tip. When using clear P-Tex it is important to keep the flame as small as possible. When a large flame is allowed to burn black soot begins to appear ruining the clear look. We have both black and clear P-Tex available for purchase here at Helm.

     3. Once the stick is lit keep the metal scraper under the flame until you are ready to begin repairing the base.

4. Locate the damaged spot on the base of your ski or snowboard and begin to slowly drip the P-Tex in to the spot. Make sure to hold the stick just above the base not touching it. You will want to drip the material into the damaged spot unitl it is fully filled in.

5. After filling all of the damaged spots with P-Tex wait five minutes to let the P-Tex cool and harden.

6. Once the material has cooled scrape off the excess with a sharp metal scraper. Using your thumbs to create pressure begin scraping back and forth until the repaired area is level with the base.

After repairing your skis or snowboard you may take it to a local ski shop to have the bases put through a grinding machine. What this does is creates a nice even finish for your bases and removes any reaming small cuts. Here at Helm of Sun Valley in San Mateo we would be happy to grind your skis and boards at any time. 

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