Helm of Sun Valley’s Grand Opening in 1960

Posted by Gary Hohl on 6/29/2019 to Ski Product Reviews

Last week Rick and I were wondering when Helm of Sun Valley opened its doors in San Mateo.  I had always some vague ideas that the store opened some time in 1959 or 60, but we wanted to verify the exact date.  So we started to a bit of research.  Rick ran a crossed the website, www.newspaperarchive.com.  After signing up for a monthly subscription for $20, we put in a few dates, some key words and quickly can across this ad printed in the San Mateo Times from October 20th, 1960.  It announced Helm of Sun Valley’s grand opening of their new San Mateo Ski Shop on Wednesday October 21st. Ribbon cutting at 7pm.

How Cool is That!

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If you have any old time experiences that you had at Helm San Mateo,  maybe when you were a kid or you got your first skis at the old location, tell us about them in the comment section.  We'd love to here your stories!



Date: 7/25/2020
Found Helm en route to ,...... ""U-Save"" market near 43 ave with my parents, check the San Mateo County historical archives. .......... Head Masters were good skis, ... back then,..... with cable THROW bindings There was a Bel-Mateo bowl . The "Beatles" had not yet made it to Candlestick Park. I believe I bought a pair of "K2 Cheese Burgers:" at the original 43 ave. Helm ( Gary) has been, ..... around many decades.

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