Emazing Selene Electric Bicycle Review

Posted by Gary Hohl on 8/18/2016 to Electric Bikes

Emazing Selene Review

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The Selene by Emazing is one of the best e-bikes for your money. Many features found on this bike are often only seen on high end bikes costing upwards of 3k dollars. The small company is based out of Mountain View. The bike is produced in Taiwan by a factory that makes many other high end bicycles. Lower end e-bikes and bikes in general are often made in China. For the money spent this is the best e-bike on the market in terms of features and construction quality.

Features of the Selene

1) This bike comes in multiple different sizes which is rare for e-bikes. You have a selection     from small to extra large. The gooseneck is also adjustable allowing you to easily adjust the bike to the perfect fitting for you.

2) The large LCD screen on the handle gives you lots of information regarding the bike’s current status. The screen shows your speed, miles ridden and the current pedal assist level.

3) The Selene also has steel double walled fenders. This quality fender construction is not usually seen on bikes at this price point. Usually you will find flimsy plastic single layered fenders.

4) The chain ring is produced by FSA and is made of lightweight aluminum. This is the same chain ring that is found on the Stromer e-bikes which cost an upwards of $5k.  

5)  The Selene also has a feature called torque sensor assist. Essentially what it does is sense how hard or soft you are pressing on the pedals. Press harder and the motor gives more power.  Pedal easier and the motor gives very little assistance. This technology is far more sophisticated than the typical pedal assists found on most e-bikes at this price point, where the motor only knows that the pedals are moving. It can not tell how fast or how hard the rider is applying pressure. Torque Sensor Pedal Assist is usually found on more expensive e-bikes costing $4K and more.


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