Chinook RDG Alloy Boom

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Chinook RDG Alloy Boom

RDG stands for Reduced Diameter Grip.  These have a 2mm smaller diameter than the standard Pro Alloy Booms, yet retain all the strength and durability. 
To accomplish this yet retain the durability and stiffness Chinook Alloy booms are known for, Chinook uses a special tapered tube. This allows Chinook to use their new Fiber Composite 2-Pin Adjusting Collars and proven continuous tail-piece, providing stiffness and durability you expect from Chinook. Keep in mind that the RDG have slightly reduced adjustment range, making the boom lighter than other non-tapered booms on the market. Exceptional torsional rigidity and fit both standard and reduced diameter masts. 
One year warranty.


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