Demo Ski Sale on NOW!

Posted by Gary Hohl on 5/5/2017
Customers often ask me, "Do you have any demos for sale?" or "Are you selling any of your demos?"  Well, this is the time you've been waiting for.  We are selling...

When are Sierra Ski Areas Closing for the 2016-2017 Season?

Posted by Gary Hohl on 4/7/2017
When are Ski Resorts Closing?
Ski areas will be closing down way too soon. As usual, and especially this year, ski resorts will be shutting down because of a lack of people and not a lack of snow.

Here are closing dates for most Sierra ski areas....

Tips and Tricks for Spring Skiing

Posted by Gary Hohl on 4/7/2017 to How To
Tips and Tricks to Make Spring Skiing More Fun!

1.High Fluoro Wax.
High Fluoro wax will make a huge difference in wet spring conditions.  This wax is incredibly hydrophobic and virtually eliminates the extreme slowing that comes with wet spring snow.  It's expensive wax, but it truly makes a big difference.  The next best low-cost alternative is a product called, Zardoz Notwax.  Zardoz is a wipe-on teflon product. It's very easy, just wipe it on twice-a-day. Zardoz is better than regular wax but is still not as good as High Fluoro wax.

2) The Best Spring Skiing Happens Early in the Day.
Get to the slopes early and leave early.  Be on the chairlift as soon as they open and look for south facing and ...

EJoe Epik SE Elictric Bicycle Review (click here to read more)

Posted by Gary Hohl on 8/23/2016 to Electric Bikes
E-Joe Epik SE Electric Bike Review

Emazing Selene Electric Bicycle Review

Posted by Gary Hohl on 8/18/2016 to Electric Bikes
Electric Bike Review-Emazing Selene E-bike.

Emazing Electric bikes are truely one of the BEST VALUES in the E-bike market today.